Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to Blueberries & Basil! After playing around with the idea of starting a blog for the past year or so, I put it on my list of 2013 resolutions; only six weeks into the new year, here it is. Some of the many reasons I procrastinated doing this earlier: I needed a better camera, I needed a better kitchen for my “mise en place” cooking photos, I needed more material to write about. However, while watching Nashville last night (guilty pleasure), I heard the road-hardened guitar player give Hayden Panettiere’s character the sage advice “sometimes you have to stop talking about doing something, and actually do it.” If that could motivate Juliette Barnes to defy her record label and start singing the songs she really wanted to sing, maybe it could motivate me too.

So for the time being it might be just me and my iPhone camera, in my tiny kitchen with no marble countertops or natural light, but this morning a name popped into my head (two of my favorite things, and when I ran it by my professional-blog-reader cousin she told me it sounded like a Jo Malone perfume) and here we are. I think the blog will mainly have to do with cooking and baking – and entertaining, to the extent I entertain – but my hope is that it can be a forum for me to share lots of other fun things with you too (teaser for my next post: Valentine’s Brownies, two ways). So thanks so much for stopping by, and I can’t wait to get started!


6 thoughts on “Inaugural Post

    • Thanks Michelle!! I love yours too – I finally figured out how to add other blogs so now I’m following you too. So much to learn about this whole blogging world, but it’s so fun!

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