Friday Faves


{spicy tuna “roll” from Yardhouse – now that they list calories on the menu, it’s literally the only thing I can order, even when sharing}

Where did the first two weeks of November go? It feels like this month – and year, really – is flying by. The post-daylight savings time 4:30 sunsets always make me a little melancholy, but I love the beginning of holiday season. Seattle has been gray, but (knock on wood) not too rainy yet, so I’m trying to take advantage of being outside as much as possible while the leaves are still crisp, rather than soggy. And as much as this time of year makes me long for a Maui vacation, I’m getting excited about trying new Thanksgiving recipes and celebrating with family and friends in the weeks to come. Some highlights from the past few weeks (since I haven’t been very good about my “weekly” Friday posts):


{I saw this old school gum at paper source and it made me so nostalgic}


{kale and lentil salad from my oh-so-hip favorite lunch place, the Nordstrom cafe}

{love these anthro coasters}


{new obsession – lulu “vinyasa” scarf}

I hope everyone is looking forward to some R&R this weekend – and maybe a little football. Go Hawks!

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