Friday Faves

photo 2{pumpkin ice cream with toasted marshmallow}

Happy rainy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m hoping to get back on track in terms of my Thanksgiving preparedness…..and in that vein, I found some links that will hopefully be helpful for all of us. I get to go see John Oliver as an early birthday present from my dad (he is the best!!), and I’m also hoping to carve out some time to see this movie (and that we can still get tickets!). If I can squeeze in a manicure as well, I’ll be a happy girl (it’s a rough life, I know). Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

{‘Evelyn‘ glassybaby in memory of my grandma Evelyn’s birthday earlier this week}

photo 1{view from the train}

photo-84 {coop’s thanksgiving present – dorky but I just can’t help myself}

photo-83{love these dimples}

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