Friday Faves: Austin

photo 2

{morning run along the river}

Happy Friday, everyone! I just arrived in Spokane, WA for my cousin Ellen’s college graduation and am going to attempt to get a quick post up while I sit in the hotel bar and wait for a girlfriend to pick me up for dinner. I lived in Spokane for three years during law school – so crazy how that seems like centuries ago, but at the same time it’s as though I never left. I’m enjoying a delicious glass of Adelsheim Pinot Gris and wishing I could still be satisfied with happy hour white the way I was in law school.

But I digress. This week’s faves are from last weekend’s trip to Austin, which was a whirlwind from which I’ve been recovering all week. Austin is an amazing city – young and hip and full of live music and amazing restaurants and bars.  And beautiful people, although what really stood out to all of us was how nice everyone was.  I literally didn’t open a door for myself from the time we arrived until we landed back in Seattle.  When we finished diner on Saturday night, our waiter told us “I’m worried you aren’t going to be able to get taxis, I’ve taken the liberty of calling one of our drivers who will fit all of you in his suburban and only charges tip, no meter.”  In hindsight, it sounds (a) like maybe he really wanted us out of his restaurant and/or (b) a little unsafe, but at the time we just chalked it up to everyone in Texas being so nice. 

As you’ll see from the pics, we ate (and drank) our way through the city.  Our condo had an amazing pool, so I was able to soak up a little much needed Vitamin D.  And most importantly, we were able to celebrate the bride, my very dear friend (from law school!!) Alison, who is marrying a really great guy in three weeks (!!!).  My bridesmaid diet starts on Monday (that’s totally enough time, right?) – between now and then, I’m going to enjoy catching up with old friends, toasting the graduate, and of course celebrating my mom on Sunday.  Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

photo 3

{salsa and guac sampler at la condesa}

photo 4

{amazing sushi dinner at uchiko}

photo 5

{brunch beignets at annie’s}

photo 1

{baby p’s souvenir – might be regifted as my sister hates “anything with words on it”}