Friday Favorites

Well, we made it through another week (albeit barely, at least in my case). Could summer hurry up and get here already? Per my weather app, it should be here this weekend – which is a good thing as I’m in dire need of some Vitamin D! Way too many treats this week (last weekend) – I’ll have to get more creative next week as I’m officially off of sugar!

Star-spangled strawberry and blueberry shortcake for a Memorial Day BBQ! I used Smitten Kitchen’s super easy biscuit recipe, and just cut out shapes with a star shaped (Christmas, don’t tell!) cookie cutter.

DIY mimosa bar while you wait for breakfast at Lovejoy Bakers (thanks Heather and Eleanor for a fun Sunday morning!).

I’m obsessed with this bookshelf at my friends Ryan and Amanda’s house (the host and hostess of the Memorial Day BBQ I attended on Sunday night). Fabulous house, fabulous friends, and I love all of Amanda’s decorating ideas – she’s the closest thing I know to a real life Martha Stewart!

Take out dessert from Irving Street Kitchen – why don’t more restaurants do this? I hardly ever order dessert (ignore below), but when they have a whole “to-go” section on the dessert menu, it’s hard to pass up. Plus how cute is pudding in a mason jar?

I’m taking a trial separation from refined carbs, so this dessert (or at least half of it) was my last hurrah. Chocolate chip cookie with pistachio gelato from Ballard Pizza Company – in its own cast iron pan – thank you Ethan Stowell!

Happy Friday, everyone!! And happy (almost) June! XOXO