Friday Faves

IMG_2901{fall foliage + fog}

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m off to Key West…looking forward to eating lots of Key Lime Pie, listening exclusively to Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney, and doing everything the NYT’s “36 Hours” article tells me to do. We’ll have more than 36 hours though (5 days!), so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them! Wishing everyone a lovely fall weekend. Some fun photos and articles for your Friday:

  • Facial mists – I’ve never really tried them, but this article makes me want to start!
  • I’ve been craving this pasta all week.
  • Loved this week’s Modern Love (Last week’s Modern Love? It’s published online on Thursdays but printed in the Sunday NYT, so depending upon how you read it…)
  • I’m really working on perfecting my roast chicken this fall (have you ever made “Engagement Chicken”? My friend Kristy did one time…..but it didn’t work.)
  • I can’t wait to go visit Eagle the Penguin!

IMG_2660{Queso Fundido for MNF – Go Hawks!}

IMG_2937{I made these photo books for Cooper per a recommendation from Cup of Jo – I did one with his monthly photos and one with pictures of his favorite people. He’s currently not that into them but I’m sure he will be at some point….right? I think it’s a cute gift idea, regardless!}

IMG_2938{Such a thoughtful “just because” gift from my dear friend Jessie ~ I’ve been drinking my detox tea out of it all week! In related news, did anyone catch that game last night? Go Dawgs!}

IMG_2932{My two favorite uncooperative photo subjects in the Petit Bateau outfits I got them about a year ago – now that Coop finally fits into his, Harper has almost outgrown hers. Damn those French sizes! And yes, this took two takes, thus the two different bows}

Friday Faves


{leaves changing at Greenlake}

One of the perks of taking almost a month off from blogging is that I have over three weeks of “favorites” (read: old instagrams) to choose from. So this “week” includes a couple pics from my East Coast visit earlier in the month, as well as some more recent highlights. This 70-degree October weather we’ve been having has made for some gorgeous sunsets all week, as well as some truly outrageous fall foliage.  And of course, a change in seasons always means a change in footwear.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend – I hope yours is spent apple picking, at the pumpkin patch, and/or taking advantage of this amazing weather in other quintessential autumn ways.  Mine will be spent “catering” a party for my grandparents’ 94th birthdays, but I’m anticipating a Husky win tomorrow and a fantasy win on Sunday as well.  Wishing all of us the best of luck!

{walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, Freedom Tower on the left – I heart NYC}

{dinner view of Boston Harbor}

{new fall flats. PSA: 40% off sale at J.Crew the past few weeks}

{pink skies over a Puget Sound sunset}