Friday Faves

photo 5
{last of the babies from my grandpa’s garden}

Happy last weekend of summer! Are you sad to see it end or soooooo ready for fall? I’m a little of the former but more of the latter – but I’m going to make a pitcher of this and just try to just appreciate the sunny weather while it lasts. I hope everyone has something fun on their agenda for the weekend.  I’m a little emotionally drained from the Mariners’ wildcard race (especially last night’s game!) and my fantasy loss on Monday night, but looking forward to some good baseball and football this weekend all the same. Some fun links and pics to get you through the work day:

  • Loving all of this career advice from some of my favorite people
  • Who doesn’t need more chocolate cake in their life?
  • And then an apple and fennel salad to offset it.
  • So much about Sex and The City I didn’t know!
  • I know this video came out awhile ago, but I saw it for the first time yesterday and it’s exactly how I feel about my little baby nephew (sob).

{sugar cookies for baby cousin piper’s first birthday}

photo 1
{definitely the best way to be asked to be a bridesmaid!}

photo 3
{cold brew at home}

photo 1-15
{love this little guy and his funny sleep positions so much}

Friday Faves, Portland Edition

Happy August 9th, everybody! Today is my brother’s wedding day, so it’s an extra exciting day around here. I spent a lot of time in Portland over the past week, in preparation for the wedding festivities, so please enjoy some of my “Portland Faves” while I’m off to get my hair and makeup done (and have a mimosa):


My all time favorite food cart, from the city that made food carts hip. My perfect lunch: “bambino” size Whole Bowl, hold the sour cream and olives, for $5. I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to bring WB to Seattle, but I recently discovered the “GFF” cart and its a pretty close second.

photo 1

Stumptown coffee at Petunia’s, my favorite vegan, gluten-free cafe in the Pearl – I didn’t realize when I ordered my Americano that “vegan” meant no half and half, just almond milk – only in Portland! (also: reasons I could never actually be vegan).

photo 2

Pre-wedding brow wax at Blush, my first stop whenever I’m in town.

photo 3

My Grandpa Nelson passed away fifteen years ago, but during his life he had the most amazing (and enormous) garden and orchard. Rows and rows of tomato plants, corn, carrots, potatoes, tons of berries, plums, apples, pears – I could go on and on. One of the saddest things to watch after his death was the deterioration of his garden. It’s only taken 15 years, but this year my dad planted his first tomato plants.  I even got to make a yummy pasta with the first red ones!


Last Friday night I drug my mom, aunt and cousins to dinner at Simpatica, the restaurant where my parents hosted the rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding last night (blog post coming Monday, get excited).  I wanted to see the space, taste some wines, and do some last minute layout-planning for the rehearsal dinner, but as a perk we all enjoyed an outrageous four course meal. 1st: fried squash blossom stuffed with herbed chèvre on a buttermilk dipping sauce; 2nd: baby mixed greens, grilled haricot verts, blueberries, chopped almonds, red wine vinaigrette; 3rd: fennel-crusted Oregon Albacore, sautéed padron peppers, cherry tomatoes, corn, basil, green goddess dressing; 4th: peach crisp, crème fraîche ice cream.

I hope everyone is looking forward to something fun this weekend.  Wish me luck on (co) writing my best man speech – nothing like waiting until the very last minute! xoxo