Friday Faves

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{make your own ice cream sandwich at Hello Robin}

What are you up to this weekend? I’m heading to the coast for my cousin’s bachelorette party – we’re excited for some cooler beach temperatures after another sweltering week. And Baby Nephew Watch 2014 is officially ON – T minus one week to go.  I’m so excited I can hardly stay away from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale bear it. Doctor says he might be early, so next week’s Friday Faves could be all baby pics (don’t say I didn’t warn you)!! My poor sis is more than ready for him to make his debut, but I’m hoping he sits tight until at least Wednesday so that he’s a Leo (not that I particularly care about astrological signs, but I’ve bought him a LOT of lion stuff and I don’t want it to be for naught). 

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. Links and faves to get you through your Friday morning (and the links even have a theme this week, I’m getting so fancy!):

  • How to grill anything and everything – so many helpful tips! 
  • How to make entertaining look easy – I would add “get yourself ready ahead of time.”  My aunt threw a dinner party this past Christmas and told me she told my uncle beforehand “our goal is to be sitting on the couch with a glass of wine half an hour before the guests arrive.” I’m usually still drying my hair when my guests arrive, but the thirty minute/wine/couch rule is now my goal too.
  • How to be the most popular person at a party – my friend Larisa brought these to a beach weekend a couple months ago and they were amazing! 
  • How to cure a headache – I need this! 
  • How to get really excited about this movie – ok this really isn’t a “how to” – but it does make me VERY excited for October 3rd!!  I hope you’ve all read the book – even if you hated the ending.  And if you haven’t read it yet, you have 2.5 months! 

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{my new summer obsession – stumptown cold brew}

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{love this organic lip/cheek color}


{peaceful summer evening at the driving range}


{some pics from my sister’s baby shower last month –  can you tell we were pretty into our alligator theme? invitations and banner from olive + star, alligator brownie toppers from etsy, DIY vases, cookie favors by yours truly, and cordy roy and his mini radio flyer from auntie/hostess Amanda}


{and of course, my gift to baby p – hopefully he’s a baseball fan!}

Friday Faves

Well, we made it through yet another week – I’m so proud of all of us. Despite the fact that work has been crazy for me lately, I love how weekdays in the summer just feel like 4-5 annoying days between one weekend getaway and the next. I’m off to Leavenworth tonight for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law’s bachelorette party, and I’m looking forward to some wine and girl time – although a little nervous about the 97 degree temps. The food is made, my bags are packed (kind of), the car is gassed up – now all I need is for 5 pm to get here. In the meantime, some highlights from the week:

This morning got off to a great start as I was uncharacteristically ahead of schedule, so I had time before work to go to my favorite neighborhood coffee place. So much better than Starbucks, if only I could get it together to make it there every morning.

I attended what I thought was a charity golf tournament for Treehouse after work last night – I had been really stressing about my golf game (and golf outfit), so I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was actually just putt-putt. Still a gorgeous night on the (mini) golf course though!

You can’t tell from the sign, but these are called “dinnerplate” dahlias and they are the size of my head. I cannot wait until I have a yard large enough to plant some. Love dahlia season!

Delicious dinner at Cactus the other night – what is it about summer that makes me want to go to Cactus every night?

“1” and wave cookies for my little cous-nephew’s first birthday last weekend (cous-nephew is the technical term for one’s cousin’s baby boy, in case anyone was wondering:)). I still have a ways to go on my frosting techniques, but practice makes perfect, right?!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you’re all getting ready to head out somewhere sunny, too – make sure to pack your sunscreen!